Wednesday, September 21, 2016

How do I create a Whiteboard Animation?

You start a movie on YouTube. You see a white screen. Then a hand with a pen on the screen. This hand starts to draw. While there are all sorts of drawings and written texts emerged, a voice tells the story that goes with it. Whiteboard Animation: it is an attractive way to tell a story.

Recently I make animations whiteboard. And let's be honest: it's great to make them! But also very difficult ... Especially since you have a story to tell in a short time. Do you want to tell a story in an animation? I'll give you some tips.

1. First make the story you want to tell

Be prepared to tell the story in a few minutes. Try to make the story longer than 5 minutes.

2. Speak the story

In the beginning I made the mistake of first making the drawings and then only to tell the story. That's not handy. So make sure that you have first recorded the story. Later get there the drawings.

3. Sketch drawings illustrating each part of the story

Each drawing must emphasize between 3 and 15 seconds of the story. you have a story of 3 minutes? Then you need at least 12 drawings. Minimal ...

4. Make a list of all drawing

Have you outlined all drawings? Make sure they form a good picture. That a logical line in it for the viewer.

5. Draw the drawings

Use a drawing program. Thus, you can reuse them with other animations. Do not make complex drawings.

6. Put the drawings in VideoScribe .

This is great software to build a whiteboard animation.

7. Provide appropriate timings

Get enough rest for the viewer. But keep the momentum going! Ten seconds to build up a drawing, is already quite long.

8. Export the VideoScribe file into a video editing program

Now install the sound underneath. Sometimes it's good to put music on an audio track. Just be sure you keep well understood.

9. Show your animation to different viewers

They estimate as best or the duration of the animation is good.

10. Publish!

Put your animations to YouTube or any other video platform.